8 Tips for Staying Active & Eating Healthy while on Vacation!

While on vacation, some people find it difficult to find time for physical activity and eating the right foods. We tend to splurge on treats and spend a good amount of time sitting and relaxing. Before going on my previous vacation, I was worried my eating habits would become poor and I would not be physically active. To my surprise, I ended up doing the exact opposite. I made sure to find time to be physically active and picked the healthy food options while out for dinner or making snacks and lunches. Here are a few tips for staying active and eating healthy while enjoying your time away in paradise!

1. Move during your flight!

Many people have to take long flights to reach their vacation destination. Some flights leave passengers with minimal leg room to move around in tight quarters. During your next flight try using the plane aisles as a walkway. Walking up and down the aisles a few times during your flight will keep the blood flow moving in your legs and decreasing the amount of stiffness you may feel after your flight.

2. Take the stairs!

Yes, we are all guilty of using the escalators and elevators! While at your hotel, try the the stairs to your room instead of the elevator.

3. Walk around instead of taking a taxi!!
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Pack those running shoes! While on vacation, make the decision of walking to nearby shops and restaurants instead of paying for a taxi. This will also let you save those few extra bucks to buy yourself a souvenir! Walking also allows you to take in all the beautiful scenery, explore the area, and get some fresh air.

4. Drink lots of water & be aware of the sun!

While on vacation, be mindful of the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Remember, if your destination is HOT, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and be aware of how much time you spend in the sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen as well – YES, more than once a day!

5. Move around – be active!

There is always time for movement and physical activity! Try to spend at least thirty (30) minutes a day moving. This can be broken down into bouts of ten (10) minutes three (3) times per day. This includes walking into town or on the beach, swimming in the pool or in the ocean, and sightseeing, biking, or hiking!

6. Enjoy more fruit & vegetables!

Stay mindful when it comes to meals. Try to eat more vegetables and fruit rather than only protein, sugar, and carbs. It is okay to treat yourself while on vacation – I know I do 100% – but make sure you are maintaining a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, protein, and complex carbs. This will ensure you are the getting the proper nutrients your body needs in order to stay energized while on your vacation.

7. Eat breakfast in/prepare your meals!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also the easiest to prepare. Instead of eating out for breakfast, try to prepare your breakfast in your room (if there is an accessible kitchen). Stop by the local grocery store and look for fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs that can be hard boiled, scrambled or over easy or even make oatmeal. Preparing your meals at home can help you prepare for you adventurous day ahead!

8. Take time to RELAX!

Travelling can sometimes be stressful between catching flights and sometimes jet lag. Make sure you take time to breathe and relax. Although you may be on vacation and want to hit up the town more often, make sure you are getting enough sleep to refuel and relax your body for the next day. Taking time to relax will help your body physically as well as mentally. Taking time for yourself will let you to enjoy that time away in paradise that much more!

On your next vacation, try to think about these helpful tips to stay active and keep your healthy eating on track! Make time for fun, family, adventures, good food and of course relaxation!


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