Our Team

Heart Niagara is comprised of a qualified Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Our trained, experienced and passionate team aim to provide innovative and effective cardiac health education and services for all 12 Niagara municipalities.

2016 Board of Directors

Chair/Vice-Chair Sheila Hosking
Past-Chair George Zimakas
Treasurer Mary Catherine Lindberg
Secretary/Executive Director Karen Stearne
Member at Large Carol Mae Maidens
Member at Large Helga Campbell
Member at Large Meghan Butler
Member at Large Susan Leyland
Member at Large Claude Pilato
Member at Large Margaret Dunn
Medical Director, Healthy Heart Schools’ Program Stafford Dobbin
Medical Director, Community Preparedness Doug Munkley
Medical Advisor, Diagnostic Program Gurpreet Gill

Our Program and Services Team (Staff and Volunteers)

Extension Name Email Address
100 Reception volunteer@heartniagara.org
102 Jo-Anne Gale joanne.gale@heartniagara.org
103 Kitchen
104 Diagnostics – Emily Coffey diagnostics@heartniagara.org
105 Epilepsy Niagara – Kristen Welton execdirector@epilepsyniagara.org
107 Karen Stearne karen.stearne@heartniagara.org
109 HeartCORE – Cheryl Hamilton heartcore@heartniagara.org
109 HeartCORE – Kristen Maiden heartcore@heartniagara.org
108 Victoria LaFratta victoria.lafratta@heartniagara.org
111 Don Gibson don.gibson@heartniagara.org
115 Anita Fiorentino anita.fiorentino@heartniagara.org
117 Syed Masroor bookkeeper@heartniagara.org
118 Terra Pasco terra.pasco@heartniagara.org
Jen Mallet-Beaudry research@heartniagara.org
Chris Haynes chris.haynes@heartniagara.org
Family Counselling Centre, FACS Niagara adrian.mckenzie@facsniagara.on.ca