April’s Blog by Rachael – Spring Cleaning for Your Health!

The snow is *finally* melted, buds are beginning to bloom and all signs lead to one thing: spring cleaning. Now before you start emptying your closet of clothes, refocus on an area that maybe doesn’t get an annual deep-clean: your diet and exercise.  It’s time to shed the layers and the bad habits we managed to pick up over the winter months and get ready for your most healthful spring and summer yet!


Cupboard Clean-Up

  • Just as you would go through your garage, go through your pantry. Assess which foods frequently go to waste in your cupboard and think of alternative recipes to use them, or make a habit of buying them less often. Pay attention to labels and see where you can reduce your intake of packaged/processed food: good for your stomach and the environment. Remember, if it’s in the house. You’re more likely to eat it! If it’s an unhealthy choice, don’t bring it in the house and save the splurging for more meaningful celebrations.


Give Your Green Thumb a Try

  • Why not kick off the spring season the old fashioned way – in the garden! Grow your own fresh herbs for a new hobby that saves you money and helps the environment by minimizing transportation. Fresh herbs are the perfect thing to spruce up sandwiches, salads, omelettes, and even desserts, making nutritious food more tasty and appealing.


Lighten Up, Cool Down

  • While stews and roasts are always enjoyable, it’s time for a break from your crockpot! Time to look into fruits and vegetables that are in season and throw them together with your favourite protein or grain for a healthy and filling salad. Or alternatively add them to smoothies or eat them plain for dessert.


Break out the Runners

  • Maybe you’ve been diligent to your gym routine this winter, or maybe your New Year’s Resolution has been taking vacation, either way – it’s time to get outside for a break. Try switching up the treadmill for a run on a trail or in the park, and look into new activities outdoors . Find a hiking stick and plan a hike to explore your neighbour trails.


Create Stronger Friendships

  • Swap out some of your weight training sessions to doing bodyweight exercises with a group of friends outside. Think air squats, push-ups, burpees (sigh) or plank. Ask your #HeartCORE Coach for thoughts on switching it up & moving outside. Remember, socializing does not have to equal dining out or barbecues.


Cheers to a healthful, active spring!

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