Avoiding the Candy Overload

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Unfortunately, despite the Easter Bunny’s best intentions, I don’t think he’s very considerate of our heart health. If you plan on chowing down on the sweet stuff this weekend, consider the following to help you avoid going overboard:

1. Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t leave candy out on the table all day. Put it back into a cupboard to discourage you (and any little hands) from grazing on it all day.

2. Portion control: portion out candy ahead of time into very small amounts. Even better- just don’t buy a lot in the first place! We’ve trained ourselves to believe that candy is a reward and a necessity for special occasions. This doesn’t have to be the rule and you can start to change it.

3. Don’t forget about healthy alternatives! This doesn’t mean checking labels for health claims (most of them are deceiving!). Whole foods and fresh produce are always the best. Strawberries, homemade smoothies, orange slices, fruit kabobs… eating whole fruits can help appease your sweet tooth while also getting lots of awesome vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

4. Choose small amounts of dark chocolate over lots of milk chocolate and other candy. Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao may actually have some health benefits without all of the added junk.

Bonus tip: Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is poisonous to our canine pals. Keep chocolate out of reach of pets to avoid a nasty emergency trip to the vet (just another reason to keep it in the cupboard).

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