Canada Has a New Prime Minister – What Does this Mean for Health Care?

With the Canadian federal election now over, it would seem that change is in the wind with Justin Trudeau becoming the new Prime Minister of Canada.  One of the hotly debated issues that always comes to the table during election time is health care, so we thought we would take a look at the stance Trudeau’s Liberal party has taken on the issue to date.

In a Sept. 2 letter to Canada’s premiers, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau committed to working with them on health care.

“If my party forms government, we will call a federal-provincial meeting to reach a long-term agreement on health care funding,” he wrote. “A Liberal government will reengage in areas where there is direct federal responsibility, including health promotion, support to caregivers, and First Nations’ health, and will meet with the Premiers to talk about how to strengthen health care.”

Hedy Fry, who has represented Vancouver Centre as a Liberal since 1993 and serves as her party’s health critic, is a physician and former president of the B.C. Medical Association. “If nothing is done about health care it will hit a critical point very soon,” she said.

Long-term care is a focus for the Liberals, Fry said, adding there needs to be a shift to more care in the community and acute care in a hospital should only be for when it is medically needed.

Fry added that the government needs to do more to set indictors and measure outcomes, she said, noting that the Commonwealth Fund ranking of Canadian health care has seen the country drop from fourth to tenth among 11 of its peers. “It’s a race to the bottom for us.”

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