AED Maintenance and Replacement Items

Whether your AED (Automated External Defibrillator) was purchased for your home, school or business, like any machine, AEDs need to be maintained.

An AED is a lifesaving device and therefore it’s imperative that it is always kept in a state of readiness for use.

Equipment Management Requirements:

  • The self-tests are automatic and comprehensive
    • Single Chirp – Press Blue I – Button
    • Triple Chirp – Remove the device from use, and contact Heart Niagara
  • AED Checklist needs to be completed monthly.
  • Fast Response Kit needs to be checked monthly.
  • Pad expiration date is every two years.
  • Battery expires every five years.
  • Train staff annually in CPR and AED use.

Heart Niagara stocks FRX Replacement Items, all other AED model replacement items are a special order. Prices are subject to HST and Shipping.

AED Replacement Items Order Request:

    Heart Niagara is your one stop solution for all your AED supply, maintenance and training needs – all at competitive prices.