Township of Wainfleet Niagara’s first Heart Safe Community

Township of Wainfleet Niagara’s first Heart Safe Community

An estimated 115,000 heart attacks and cardiac arrests combined occur in Canada each year – that’s one every 4 minutes. Without CPR, a person suffering a heart attack will have a 1 in 20 chance of survival. If bystander CPR is performed until paramedics arrive, that person’s chance of survival will increase to 1 in 4. The use of an AED with CPR before the arrival of Emergency Medical Services can increase the chance of survival by up to 75%.

Niagara EMS Pedal Angels, Wainfleet Heart Safe Committee, Niagara EMS, Heart and Stroke Foundation and Heart Niagara are challenging community members of all ages to get the training they need to respond in case of emergency.

The Niagara EMS Pedal Angels are a group of dedicated paramedics who have been raising funds and placing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the region of Niagara.  The Pedal Angels have been working provincially with the Heart and Stroke Foundation and regionally with Heart Niagara and Niagara EMS to enhance a community’s ability to respond to sudden cardiac arrest.  Over the last two years the Pedal Angels have raised more than $50,000 and have placed almost 20 AEDs.  The goal of the Niagara EMS Pedal Angels is to make the Niagara Region the safest ‘Heart Safe’ region in the province.

In September of 2012 the Pedal Angels devised a strategy of developing entire communities as ‘Heart Safe Communities’, one community at a time throughout the Niagara region.

In February of 2013 we implemented the ‘Wainfleet Heart Safe Community Initiative’.  Since this time the Niagara EMS Pedal Angels along with their Wainfleet community partners have raised over $29 000 and will be placing 10 AED units and training up to 100 local community responders on Saturday August 24.  On this day the Township of Wainfleet will become the Niagara regions first Heart Safe Community.

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