Niagara Pedal Angels and Heart Niagara Support Community Preparedness in Niagara!

Free CPR and AED training has been happening across the Niagara region for the month of November which is CPR Awareness Month!
Highlighted in this video is one of the events sponsored by both Heart Niagara and the EMS Pedal Angels.

The Niagara EMS Pedal Angels are a group of dedicated paramedics who have been raising funds and placing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the region of Niagara.
The Pedal Angels have been working to enhance a community’s ability to respond to sudden cardiac arrest. Over the last three years the Pedal Angels have raised more than $80,000 and have placed 32 AEDs throughout the region.
The goal of the Niagara EMS Pedal Angels is to make the Niagara Region the safest ‘Heart Safe’ region in the province.
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