Forget the resolutions. Aim to be better every day!

By Michelle Durante, HeartCORE Program Manager

It’s 2017 already? Where did the time go?

When writing this blog the theme was inspired by an article I was reading while trying to understand why people set New Year’s resolutions year after year, although 90% of the time they don’t work.

I couldn’t wrap my head around the importance of January 1st and the thought of making a big change, I realized that our society has created the belief that any personal growth or change you want to make, should happen on January 1st.  This year, I want to change that and I will need your help.

This year, instead of focusing on making one big change, why not try to improve on a daily basis? By doing this you can set small goals that will allow you to be the BEST you!

There are many days that we lose track of our goals and get caught up with the stresses of life. We forget about taking care of ourselves. This year, I want you to try and be better every single day. 

Heart Niagara’s HeartCORE is dedicated to helping everyone be a little bit better day by day. Our program allows our clients to challenge themselves and to make positive healthy changes each day.

We are excited to continue our workshop series this month along with our exercise classes to allow everyone an opportunity to exercise and feel better each day.

My challenge to you in 2017 is to scratch that New Year’s resolution and try to make small manageable improvements every day. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year! 


HeartCORE’s program manager, Michelle Durante, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist® who has experience in personal training, group training, health promotion and clinical exercise settings.  By working with her, you will improve your physical health literacy and begin a journey towards improved health and wellness.

HeartCORE is located at Heart Niagara. The address is 4635B Queen Street in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  For more information call 905-358-5552 ext.109, email or visit

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