A Message From our Nurse Practitioners Desk…

The Healthy Heart Schools’ Program is supporting the development of positive Health Behaviours.

There are four main behaviours that we learn from our friends, family, teachers, and the environment. As we grow up these behaviours either make us healthy or unhealthy. The Schools’ Program has worked for 30 more than 30 years to provide education to support teachers and students in making good choices.

As adults we have all sorts of behaviours that are primarily developed in early childhood and in adolescence and continue throughout our lives.

When we are young our family and friends imprint behaviours on us around food, security, and comfort. In adolescent our behaviour development is more related to autonomy, peer pressure, experimentation and impulses regarding food, security, stress, comfort, caffeine, nicotine, etc.

The adolescent health behaviours soon begin to integrate and evolve into a pattern of socialization, coping and stress management. We become more complex as we take on more responsibilities as an adult and our behaviours which help us cope become more solid and fixed in our lives. As time progresses socialization may or may not be involved but our coping mechanisms and stress management techniques have become incredibly important and the health behaviours related to coping and managing stress continue to be needed.

Hence, establishing healthy behaviours when we are young is always better and easier than trying to change behaviours when we are adults. Heart Niagara continues to support adolescents while at school.

Do not give up or give in, YOU can change behaviour to support family, friends and your health, remember a little change can make a difference in your health over time.

Don Gibson, Nurse Practitioner

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