Heart Niagara’s Executive Director, Karen Stearne, Interviewed by Tim Denis of 610 CKTB

TimAt 8:20am this morning, Karen Stearne, Heart Niagara’s executive director was interviewed by morning host, Tim Denis, of News Talk 610 CKTB. They discussed the Physical Literacy Summit, which takes place this Wednesday, April 27th, 10a-2p, at Heart Niagara.

The term “physical literacy” may sound intimidating, but it’s actually a simple concept.  Physical literacy is merely about developing the fundamental movement skills that all children need, such as running, hopping, throwing, catching and jumping. These movement skills in turn give kids the confidence to participate in different physical activities, sports, and games.  Research shows that without the development of physical literacy, many children and youth withdraw from physical activity and sport and turn to more inactive and/or unhealthy choices during their leisure time.

The Niagara Physical Literacy Summit will consist of 30-minute workshops throughout the day, facilitated by leading experts in the field.  Local students are invited to participate in the workshop activities to increase their physical literacy; while the adult participants (teachers, coaches, recreation programmers etc.) will have a unique opportunity for professional development.

Physical literacy is key to being active for life.

Listen to the full interview here:  


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