KIDS AND OBESITY — The Importance of Getting them MOVING!

Kids and obesity are a huge issue these days in Canada .  Yes, fast food and not eating properly play a big role, but what about the fact that in this day and age of computers, television and stationary entertainment in general, kids are getting fat in part because they are not moving?

Dr. Colin Higgs from the Canadian Sport for Life leadership team explains the importance of developing Fundamental Movement Skills(FMS) as part of building a child’s physical literacy in this excellent video below:

It is important to define…what are Fundamental Movement Skills?  They are the basic skills that lots of kids don’t get anymore unless they get active. Skills like running, jumping, kicking and general coordination.

Heart Niagara is pleased to be able to bring to the community of niagara the LIVEIT! Program for kids.  LIVEIT! is held after school and on weekends at our Valley Way location in Niagara Falls and it is all about teaching these fundamental skills that impact the quality of a child’s life so much.

Want to get your child involved?  Please visit our information page at:

This program is one of the many Heart Niagara has been bringing to the niagara region to empower people to take control of their health!  If you would like more information you can also email us at or give us a call at: 905-358-5552!

Here’s a shot of our LIVEIT! Program in action at Heart Niagara on January 12, 2016 below:





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