Refresh your #Fitness for #Spring: How to ‘Spring Clean’ Inactive Routines with #PhysicalActivity!

Give yourself a big round of applause friends, we’ve made it through another rough winter & the first day of spring is finally here! That’s right people, those “it’s too cold outside to get active” excuses aren’t going to fly anymore! It’s time to set some #healthy #active #habits for the upcoming spring & summer months!

It’s not always easy to get – and stay – motivated to be physically active when your windows are frozen shut & your car is covered in ice. But now that winter is officially over, it’s time to start #planning ahead to get the most out of the next 6 months. That’s right, the time has come to ‘spring clean’ your inactive routines & #GETACTIVE. Use this time of transitioning seasons to do some transitioning of your own. Scrap the winter nights cuddled up inside being sedentary for some active time — not just for you but for your whole family.

Children & youth need 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity each day & adults require 150 minutes each week, so, naturally, spring is a great time to set the whole family up for #success with a plan for active routines. Check out the following ways you can swap the inactive routines you developed over the winter for fresh, active ones this spring:

  • Unplug your technology to feel charged up & get exercising instead. Try creating morning or evening routines that don’t involve screens at all. Lead by example & the kids will follow. Your mood will improve, you’ll have more energy & you’ll feel more focused.
  • Make your commute to work or school an active one. Try cycling or walking instead of driving, even if it’s just a few days a week.
  • Soak up some natural Vitamin D by getting active outdoors. Visit your local park, go hiking on a nearby trail, or enjoy a nice walk with friends & soak up those rays. Vitamin D is critical to promoting & maintaining healthy bones.
  • Stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm & optimize your sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene. Try setting your alarm a bit earlier in the morning. Use the extra time to sneak some activity into your day. Morning yoga session anyone?
  • The backyard could probably use some love around this time of year, so clock some active minutes into your day, get that sweat pouring & get your hands dirty in the garden.
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