The Rhythm of the Beat: Dancing for Heart Health

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Our first entry comes from Journal Club member Susan Down.


The Rhythm of the Beat: Dancing for Heart Health

Lady GaGa had it right: Just Dance.

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed dancing. Growing up on the outskirts of Montreal there was no shortage of clubs to attend, and dancing became a big part of my social life.

As life moved on and my responsibilities grew, my clubbing days became a thing of the past. Dancing was relegated to the occasional wedding celebration or to twirling around with my son in his younger days. Then something happened this past winter: A song came on the radio and I felt compelled to get off my chair and move to the beat. That is all it took and I was hooked again. Only now, instead of the club scene, I blast my iPod and dance away in my home. Sometimes I download choreographed music to learn new moves, but mostly I just let my body move to the beat.

Dancing clears my head and brings me joy. It is good for the soul and good for the body – and what could be better for overall heart health? I could back this up with supportive evidence from research, and perhaps I will in a future blog entry. But for now why don’t you try it out and experience the benefits for yourself.

Just dance.

Note: Given that dancing is a form of cardio exercise, as with any exercise program, if you have any medical condition or concerns, consult your physician before proceeding. The great thing about this home activity is the intensity and duration are under your complete control.

By Susan Down

Susan Down is an educator with a keen interest in healthy living. She works out regularly at a local gym and always starts and ends her day dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Stay tuned for more entries from Susan.

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