Top 4 Reasons for Everyone to be Training their Core!

In our everyday life, a lot of us are stuck in chairs for most of the day.  Often hunched over looking at our phones or computers.  This can cause pain, stiff muscles, and poor posture; which SUCKS!  Proper core exercise can be a very useful tool to alleviate these aggravating issues!

On top of that, core strengthening for athletes can help increase performance and make them that much more prepared than their rivals on the field, ice, or court.  Core work is essential for everyone! Here are 4 great reasons why you should train your core:

REASON #1:  To Stabilize Your Spine!

One of the key features of a weak core is poor posture and back pain.  What we are trying to achieve through core training is to gain core stiffness; meaning that the core will always keep us in a solid structural position!  Dr. Stuart McGill, one of the leading spine experts, has stated that “Core stiffness is essential for injury prevention. Core stiffness is essential for performance enhancement. Core stiffness is not optimized in body building exercises. Core stiffness requires dedicated training.”.  Dr. McGill has developed 3 exercises that he believes will help create a strong, healthy spine and body.  These exercises are:

Using these exercises a few times a week should help to strengthen your core and stabilize your spine!

REASON #2: To Prevent Injuries

          A strong core is a strong body. If we don’t gain the core stiffness that McGill was speaking of, our bodies are put into more compromised positions which, at the end of the day, can cause us injuries from activities that we would never expect to get hurt from! 

REASON #3:  A Stronger Core = Better Training

When starting any training program, you want to have a strong core foundation to build off of.  Core strength is extremely important in weight training and circuit training because it helps with form, technique, and overall strength of any movement. If an individual is lacking strength in their core, form is more easily sacrificed while increasing weight/intensity.  This can lead to overcompensation of different muscles (muscles that you don’t intend on using in that specific movement), as well as creating poor movement mechanics for the future. One way to ensure that your core is stabilizing you throughout a workout is to incorporate a few core exercises into your warmup.  This will help to activate your core and prepare you for heavy lifting or high intensity circuit training!

REASON #4: A Strong Core Makes for an Easier Life

Core strength is important for you to have in order to perform your day to day activities. Whether you’re picking something up off the ground, shoveling your driveway, or even sweeping your floors, core strength is extremely important to help you maintain your level of activity through daily living. 

We here at HeartCore really want to emphasize the importance of core strength.  The core is the building block to the rest of your body and is an integral part in keeping you moving and active! 

Jordan DeVries
Heart Niagara, HeartCORE Coach
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