Why You should Attend Fitness Classes & How it Will Benefit You!

Have you ever had trouble working out? For example you arrive at the gym, but now what? What machines/exercises should you do? How do you use the equipment or do an exercise? Or are you even doing the exercises correctly or safely? These questions are one of the reasons why going to the gym can be intimidating and confusing, especially if it is your first time at the gym. What I have found is a great way to get into working out and going to the gym is attending fitness classes.

Fitness classes have many benefits to which the experienced gym goer or someone who is brand new to the gym, can enjoy such as:

Having a Fitness Instructor

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When you attend fitness classes there will is always a Fitness Instructor there teaching the class. Consider the Fitness Instructor as a Trainer; they are there to support you in any way possible. This can include, but not limited to demonstrating exercises, providing modifications, correcting form and motivating you to push yourself further.

The Workout Is Already Planned Out For You

One of the great things about fitness classes is that you don’t have to plan what exercises you have to do. Fitness Instructors come prepared with the workout and equipment needed to facility their classes. Also, with each exercise the instructor teaches there is at least one modification to make it easier or harder for the class participants. So what I like to do is joke around and say in my fitness classes “Don’t worry about anything you guys…all you have to do is look pretty as you do the exercise” which they always do.

It Makes You Accountable

I’ll say this once and I’ll say this a million times more ‘If we scheduled our time to work out like we do for doctor appointments we would never miss a workout’ and that’s what’s great about fitness classes. Fitness classes are scheduled so they occur on the same day and time each week. Knowing what day and time your fitness classes are you can work your schedule around it. By booking your fitness classes like your doctor appointments you are more likely to attend fitness classes and making it a reoccurring event.

There Are Several Health Benefits

Depending on the type of fitness class, there are multiple health benefits. Let’s say for example Bootcamp style class to which can improve your health by: increasing your heart rate, reduce blood pressure, increase cardiovascular endurance, increase muscular strength, improve flexibility, improve your range of motion, improve mental health, and much more.  Another great thing about fitness classes is that you are able to see the progress as you improve after several fitness classes, such as being able to do 10 push-ups instead of eight, holding a plank for a minute instead of 30 seconds, or even being able to reach your toes when stretching instead of your knees. As you can see these health benefits are not just physical, helps with self-esteem and mental health!

You Get To Be Social & Meet New People

The thing about fitness classes is that it’s not just one – on – one training, but with a group of people.  This is an opportunity to make new friends or even bring a friend/family member with you to your favourite fitness class for them to try it out and maybe even become their new favourite class. There is also a bit of teamwork in the fitness class. For example whenever I’m participating in a Tabata class each exercise is eight sets long so I’m always saying to everyone “you guys we are halfway through this exercise” indicating that we are 4/8 sets done keeping that moral up for everyone. You can also have fun in your classes with a group of people, like themed classes. For me I have done cycle classes with such themes as dressing up in costumes for Halloween, or dressing in red, pink and white for Valentine’s Day.  There are tons of ways to be social and have fun in a fitness class!

Now that we know why you should be doing a fitness class what are you waiting for? Here at HeartCORE we offer Chair Yoga on Tuesday’s at 9:30AM, Hatha Yoga on Tuesday’s at 6:00PM, and we are now offering new Bootcamp classes on Wednesday’s at 5:30PM, with everyone’s favourite coach Diana running this fun moving class. For more information on our fitness classes please feel free to contact us at heartcore@heartniagara.org and I can’t wait to see you in our next group session!

Diana Hastings
Heart Niagara, HeartCORE Coach
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